Giving your kids the best items in their lunchbox #thinkoutsidethelunchbox

February already? It seems like just yesterday the school year started and now it's half over! So, by now we should all have our routines down to a science, right? But that's also the thing about routine it can get boring...but your children's lunchboxes don't need to be.

Since I do have 3 children I like to get their help when packing lunches. Because let's face it...if you want to make sure they eat it, it needs to be items they love. Thankfully Del Monte® and Walmart can help us all think outside the lunchbox with delicious and healthy treats that are budget friendly for a Lunch Box Resolution. I am truly blessed to have a high, middle and elementary schooler. Wow, just thinking about that makes me TIRED! Most days we pack not only a lunchbox for each but also a snack for after school.

I try to go shopping for all that we need for lunches every other week. I make a list of all the things that are both needs and wants. We all know how bad it can be when you go to make a lunch and items are not there....eeek! Getting the same items in different flavors is always a great idea for variety. I would love to say I'm that mom that makes up lunches for the week on Sundays but I'm not. I pack lunches the night before. I let my kids pick what they will bring. They know they are to pick a Juicy Juice® box, a snack cake Entenmann’s® Little Bites™ or Sara Lee® Snack Cakes, a Del Monte® Fruit Cups and a Mini Babybel® or The Laughing Cow® Cheese Dippers. Then it's sandwich time courtesy of Nature’s Harvest® bread. Will it be pb&j, turkey with swiss or ham and cheddar?

No worries! Because I have teamed up with some great brands that make thinking outside the lunchbox easy. Just visit your local Walmart and pick up a specialty marked Del Monte® Fruit Cups with a booklet that has been attached to over 1 million packages nationwide! This booklet includes over $5 in savings on many of our favorite brands including The Laughing Cow® Cheese Dippers, Sara Lee® Snack Cakes, Juicy Juice®, Nature’s Harvest® bread, Wet Ones® Hand Wipes, Mini Babybel® and Entenmann’s® Little Bites™!
Disclosure: This post is sponsored -Del Monte® at Walmart. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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