Give the Gift of Smooth Feet with Baby Foot

February 1, 2017

Cute shoe's weather is just around the corner. And I'm the first to admit my feet need lots of TLC. I have wanted to try this product for a long time, so I was beyond thrilled to work with them for Valentine's Day. I was sent the 1-hour treatment that currently listed for $25.99. This treatment contains 2 plastic booties with the lavender scented original exfoliant foot peel. 

Pre-package directions I did wash my feet, more like soaked(back to the fact my feet are in BAD shape). I cut the top off the booties and slipped my foot inside. Mind you I'm not the type of person to put lotion on my feet because I don't like the way it feels. So, the best way that I can describe the feeling is a plastic sock full of cold snot. Mind you I say this in a loving description, but that is the only thing I can think of to compare it too. I placed warm socks over the booties and watched T.V. There was no pain or anything but my feet did tingle. I ended up going a little over the 1 hour listed on the package directions. At the end, I washed my feet off and so the long peel watch started.
I did not see any changes in my feet until the 4th/5th day. My feet became dry and cracked, I had some skin come off but it was not a ton. And to be honest I was scared to peel it and have all that fresh tender skin exposed at this point. PLUS you should not the force skin to peel. I found the best time to help with the peeling was in the shower when my feet were wet. The skin was butter soft then and there was no tension on my new skin.
So on the 6th day is when you can see all the magic happen. Today, I am into my 2nd week since the peel and my feet are still peeling! The peel as you can see worked very well. It did not remove some of the tougher spots BUT if did soften them up. I hope to be able to buy a few more sets of these soon because I have no doubt with continued use that even the callus part will be removed. But $25.99 per peel is a little more than this mommy can afford at this time.
So in closing do they work...YES!!
Would I buy them to use again? YOU BET! 
Why did I NOT post a photo of the end results? My feet are still peeling.

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