Precious Moments & Care Bears the Perfect Celebration

February 24, 2017

For nearly 40 years, Precious Moments has been creating gifts that celebrate caring, sharing, and love. Precious Moments wants to share the care with their Care Bears line. Celebrate with everyone’s favorite bears from Care-A-Lot!

I was beyond thrilled to be chosen to work with both of these childhood classics. I absolutely loved Precious Moments & Care Bears when I was a girl. To introduce my daughter to the collection I let her pick the two we would get. After careful consideration she picked from her heart the ones that were perfect for her.. Sarah picked Full Of Cheer and Follow Your Heart. When you look at each of these hand-painted resin figurines you can't help but feel joy and smile. We really like the way they connect together while walking on clouds. They are just so lovingly detailed. My daughter, Sarah, has already requested each of them to complete the set. These are a great way to mark a moment in time or even a holiday. That is my perfect plan for the other four in this set. With Easter just around the corner and her birthday soon following. Precious Moments & Care Bears are new to the line but looking through the catalog there is so much more that you will have no trouble picking one to bring into you home. The adorable sweetness will become a treasured heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Who can resist those sweet faces!

Share the day with this sweet little one and Harmony Bear™. Makes a great gift for someone that loves you just the way you are! Resin. SRP: $20.99

Sweet polka dots and a rainbow hair-pin complete this cheerful picture of a little girl who is thrilled to be sharing her day with Cheer Bear™. Send some cheer to your favorite friend and share the gift of love. Resin. SRP: $20.99

Life your spirits with these sunny friends adorned in matching heart-shaped sunglasses. Have a laugh with Funshine Bear™ and give this flip-flop clad darling to someone who could use a sunny day! Resin. SRP: $20.99

This pigtailed cutie is dressed up in polka dots and a smile as she accepts a delicious cupcake from Share Bear™. Share this sweet treat with someone who always shares with you! Resin. SRP: $20.99

Take a walk through the land of Care-A-Lot with this sweet girl and her favorite friend, Tenderheart Bear™. Makes the perfect gift to encourage your loved ones to follow their hearts. Resin. SRP: $20.99

Sometimes a hug is just the ticket to cheer someone up! This sweet little girl offers a friendly hug to Grumpy Bear™, who has been spotted with a rare smile now and then. Send this gift to make just about anyone smile. Resin. SRP: $20.99

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