Be My Valentine: Personalizing Gifts For Your Significant Other

January 31, 2019

That day of red is just around the corner. And if you’re like most of the population that has a significant other you’ve been with for a long time, you’re struggling for ideas. The day should be all about passion, and although the exchange of gifts is just a formality and your love is the most important thing, the gesture does matter. If you have been together for a while then you have probably already given each other gifts that can be determined as stereotypical. On the other hand you might have chosen practical gifts or simply items that each of you have wanted for a long time. In a sense gifts that you could give someone on their birthday or at Christmas might have been given on a previous Valentine’s Day. That may have been great for those other times, however you could have possibly narrowed down your future options. The longer you have been together the less effort gets put into gifts sadly. However, if you want to stir up the fire to what it once was in the early days of your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, something personalized would be fantastic.

Hand stamped with love
The sparkle of a necklace, the dazzlement of a ring or the gleam of an earring are alluring and mesmerizing if you can get it right. Jewelry as a gift on Valentine’s Day is not uncommon, but pieces that have a reference strong than the day’s proceedings are rare. Jewelry should always be personal. Think about what it is you’re putting on in the first place. Precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum have taken many millions of years to form. Such a scarce material should not be worn nonchalantly. Not only do you take away some of the potential of the metal, but you take away the power that your jewelry could hold.

Consider getting your lover a personalized hand stamped piece of jewelry that is entirely unique to your relationship. It should reflect something that you care about, such as a moment that you’ll never forget that you shared together. This could be a place name, or a date and time, something you said to each other. You can also opt just to have your initials on the jewelry but that is something perhaps a little too basic if you want this gift to last until it cannot be worn. If you’re getting a gift for a woman, the jewelry should be something that compliments her beauty but also practical so it can be worn everyday. Something like a thin chain necklace with a metal that has been shaped. If you’re buying a gift for a man it's going to be more complex as men’s jewelry is more traditional as opposed to many modern options for women. However, you can hand stamp a charm of a necklace such as a Christian cross charm or whatever kind they like.


Sweet for your sweetness
What are the two symbols of love at Valentine’s Day? You guessed it, roses and chocolate. If you had a choice of either lots of roses and a few chocolates, or fewer roses and lots of chocolate, you’d probably always go for the latter. Who doesn’t love a piece of chocolate no matter what day it is? On this day however, it's more important because it's something sweet. The chocolate releases endorphins in our brain because the sugary food makes us feel good. The chocolate should be satisfying but how you present it too, matters a great deal. The classic love heart box with a red silk bow tied on top is the image we can all picture in our minds very easily.

On the other hand, why stick to something that is stereotypical when you can have your chocolate personalized? Your gift of chocolate can look completely one of a kind and most significant to your relationship only. Consider these Candy Bar Wrappers that you can fit on some homemade chocolate. If you plan on making a chocolate bar at home so you can get the flavor that your lover likes just right, then putting on a wrapper with something personal to you both is going to send the gift over the edge. You can have anything you want on them, such as pictures, photographs, your names, cartoon drawings; practically anything. You need to send in your design upon ordering and it will be made into a wrapper. It's going to be a wonderful surprise when the unwrap their gift and open up a box of chocolate specifically directed to them.

Think about everyday life
Gifts that you can use everyday to make life, easier or better are the best kind. Consider what your spouse or partner does every day and see how you could help them with something like that. For example, if your partner writes a lot then you can buy them a pen of high quality that has their signature on it. It can be a great fountain pen or a rollerball that writes superbly and made from the best stainless steel or silver. Parker Pens are known to even engrave their products to your specificities so it may be a truly personal one of a kind gift.

What if your partner likes to run and or stay fit? You can buy them trainers that have a unique design that they will instantly recognize. You can even write their name on the shoes or just have their initials on the back on the heel. Regardless of what kind of gift you give them if it's something they can use everyday and have it be totally personalized they will get more enjoyment out of it than if it were just sitting in the back of their wardrobe.

Jewelry has been relevant for Valentine’s Day every since its inception. A timeless piece such as a necklace made out of pure silver and hand stamped with a message that is purely unique and meaningful to your partner is going to stay with them until they can no longer put it on.

Personalized gifts always strike a deeper cord with people because it shows that you went out of your way to give them something that cannot be plucked off a store shelf.

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