Santa Cruz: California’s Underrated Gem

January 31, 2019

Let’s not kid ourselves: there is no shortage of fantastic places in the state of California to visit. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time exploring San Francisco, or Los Angeles, or San Diego right on the southern tip of the state? However, while they are all fantastic destinations in their own right, they don’t quite capture California. They’re too “global,” for lack of a better term, for that. As such, why not look at other cities for your next vacation? Santa Cruz, for instance, might just be the most underrated tourist spot in the state. Below, we take a look at some of the highlights that you can expect. Who knows, you may have just decided to book your trip by the end of the blog post….


Pristine Beaches
When you think of California, you think of that stunning coast. It is, for sure, a highlight of the country. And in Santa Cruz, you’ll find some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the state. There are more than twenty-nine miles of sandy beach in Santa Cruz, which makes it the perfect spot for taking a long walk. Make sure you’re sticking around until the evening; the sunsets in this corner of the world are pretty darn magnificent.

Activities Galore

Of course, while you can just take that romantic stroll along the beach, those who like their vacations to involve a little more moving will not be disappointed by Santa Cruz. This is a city that was made for activities! Out on the water, you can try your hand at surfing, sailing, kayaking, or plain old swimming. On land, you’ll find spots for hiking, mountain biking, and road biking, among others. If the sound of this appeals, then make sure that your lodging in Santa Cruz offers an extra comfortable bed. Your body is going to be tired after so much adventuring, but you’ll want to do it all over again the following day.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Having said that, there’s no pressure to make the most of all that Santa Cruz provides. Indeed, “pressure” isn’t really a concept in this city. The emphasis is more on enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, rather than doing too much. While those who want a relaxing trip will want to check out the beautiful Big Basin Redwoods State Park at the very least, for the most part, you may be happy passing some time on the boardwalk, watching the people go by, enjoying an ice-cream, and all-around living life to the full. If that’s your daytime activity, then your nighttime activity will involve checking out the city’s fantastic food and craft scene.

Annual Events

To add another dimension to your trip, take a look at visiting when one of the city’s annual events is taking place. The Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival, for instance, is pretty awesome, as is the annual Blues Festival. These events draw thousands of people who are all keen to have a good time, so you can bet that the atmosphere in town is pretty special!

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