Happy Family Habits To Get Into Sooner Rather Than Later

January 7, 2019

If you want to make sure your family is as happy as can be, there are a few habits that you should get into sooner rather than later. When your kids are very young, their brains are like sponges. This means that they soak up everything that happens around them very easily, and it will shape them as adults. It’ll affect their relationships with others, their attachment styles, and much more.

Below, you’ll find the family habits to get into sooner rather than later. They’ll make a huge difference!

Eat At Least One Meal Together Every Day
It’s a simple idea, but one that really works. Eat at least one meal together every day and your family will benefit. Studies have even backed this up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner; eating one non-negotiable meal together every day will give you more of a chance to bond and stay up to date with what’s going on in one another’s lives. Plus, the studies have shown that your kids are more likely to be happier, do better at school, and avoid peer pressure!

Do New Things Together
Doing new things with your family is great because you all get a brand new, exciting experience. You create memories, and you bond over it. It keeps your lives exciting and you can be sure that you’re teaching your kids valuable life lessons in one way or another. Make sure you plan to visit new places, whether it’s a town/city you’ve never been to, or travel to places like museums and galleries, or even be adventurous and swim with dolphins. Do what feels right for your family!

Work On Your Communication Skills
One of the biggest reasons for issues within a family is that one or more family members (usually more) don’t know how to communicate. Being able to communicate with one another clearly and without pointing blame is essential. It’s not your fault if you haven’t been communicating very well; it’s likely just what you learned from your parents, and what they learned from their parents, and so on. If you fail to learn to communicate healthily, your children will grow up communicating poorly and this will affect their future relationships. You might even end up having to visit family lawyers if things get really out of hand. Work on communicating now and set some ground rules for communicating with one another.

Hold Family Meetings
Family meetings can ensure you’re all on the same page, whether you’re discussing things like vacations or school work.

Read Together
Reading together is far more valuable than watching TV or even scrolling together! Reading will help your children in the future too; it can help them to cultivate their language skills, imagination, and so much more.

Don’t Overbook Your Kids
You want your kids to do well, and this often means that many parents ‘overbook’ their kids. They say yes to parties, play dates, and after school clubs, and their kids wear themselves out. Your kids will become exhausted, and you will too from ferrying them from place to place all the time. Make sure you’re serious about relaxing family time, too!
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