New Year, Clean Home: Creating A Clean Space

January 7, 2019

It is important when the new year comes along to make the most of a fresh start and make some changes to every aspect of our lives. This can include things like working on a new career path, changing to a healthier diet or simple redecorating your space. One small positive change you can make this year for your home is to clean it and make sure it feels fresh and new. Here are just some of the ways you can ensure you have a clean living space this January.

Clean The Windows
The first thing you can do this January which will make a massive different to your home is to clean the windows inside and out. It might seem like an obvious choice but we often forget about our windows and a build up of dust and dirt can make it hard to see out of them. When we struggle to see out of our windows the house can feel darker and more dingy. It is important to spend some time properly cleaning the windows and the frames to make them look brand spanking new.

Declutter The Shelves
Now that we are ready to make the home feel brighter and more spacious, there is one thing in particular which we can do to make this happen: clear the shelves. Whenever we are presented with shelves we often rush to fill them up with our knick knacks to add personality to our house, however there is such a thing as too much. Making sure you have empty space on your shelves can make a massive difference to the rooms in your house and it will have a positive impact on the space as well as being less items to clean.

Pack Away Boxes
If you have had a busy Christmas period it is likely that you still have a few boxes and bags of things hanging around the house. For a clean house and a clear head you need to rectify this and take some time to pack away your new gifts and find a home for them in your space. It is never a fun task but it will make the house feel so much more roomy when you are finished which makes it totally worth it!

Kill Off Mould For Good
One of the main issues we have in the house during the winter in particular is damp and mould. We don’t want to have to open up the windows in the house because it’s cold and bitter, however the windows then become steamy and full of condensation as a result. If you have been neglecting your windows for a while and you now need to freshen up the place, make sure to give the area a good spray with mould and mildew, let it set and wipe it clean. Then open up the windows for an hour or so to let the air circulate. If you can open the windows for an hour every few days it will make all the difference to the home.

Get Rid Of Pests
If you want to keep the home super clean and hygienic through the year, one thing to do is get rid of pests. This can include anything from spiders to mice to wasps. Make sure to get your home checked by professional exterminators to flush out the issue before the spring and summer.

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