April 1, 2020

Moving house is never simple because there is so much to organize, but some people make it a lot harder than it needs to be. There are some simple mistakes that people make which cause them all sorts of problems during and after the move, but if you can avoid the same mistakes, your move should go smoothly. These are some of the biggest things that people get wrong when moving house.

Underestimating The Cost

When you buy a new house, the financial implications are one of the most important things to consider, but a lot of people underestimate the cost of buying a house. That doesn’t mean that they get confused about the price, it means that they forget about all of the extra costs that they have to cover on top of actually buying the house. You will also need to pay the solicitors fees and the stamp duty on the house. You should be getting a survey done before you buy as well, and that’s going to cost money. Then you have to consider the actual cost of moving. If you don’t account for all of this when budgeting, you could be in a difficult financial situation after the move.

Trying To Do It On Your Own

When you add up the costs of moving, you might decide that you want to try to save money by taking all of the stuff over to the new house on your own without hiring a mover. The thing is, you always underestimate how much you have and it will take so many trips in the car. The other major benefit of a mover is that they are experienced in packing up and moving fragile items. You’re not saving money if you arrive and half of the furniture needs to be replaced because it was broken along the way. A fantastic local Atlanta-based mover is Atlanta Peach Movers. They provide long distance moving Atlanta, packing services, storage solutions, moving supplies, moving vans, and so much more. They have high standards and beliefs. For example, they believe that your needs are their #1 priority. They offer superior customer service and pride themselves on providing the safest and most dependable relocation services out there. Another great perk when using Atlanta Peach Movers is the fact that they are leaders in their industry -- they know what they are doing! They have three decades in the industry, they offer 24-hour surveillance at their 110,000-square-foot facility, and all of their full-time movers must pass background checks, continuous drug screening, and they are trained. This is unheard of and such a huge perk! Atlanta Peach Movers is the best option when you are looking for professional moving services in Georgia!

Not Labelling Boxes

Labeling your boxes is an absolute must. When you arrive, you want to unpack as quickly as possible and if everything is grouped by room and labeled, you can get everything in the right place quickly. But if they’re all unmarked boxes, you’ll have to go through each one and work out what is in there. There are also some essentials that you will need as soon as you arrive, like cleaning supplies and some of your kitchen equipment. You need to be able to find this stuff right away, which is going to be impossible if nothing is labeled. Check out the website, Apartment Therapy for some great tips on labeling your boxes properly.

Forgetting To Change Your Address

Changing your address is so important because you could easily miss utility bill payments if the letters are going to the wrong address. You’ll also miss all sorts of other important letters, so you need to make sure that you have informed all of the relevant people before you move.

As long as you don’t make any of these common mistakes, your move should go off without a hitch. I hope your move goes great and this list helps you know what to do and what not to do. Enjoy and have fun in your new home!

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