Blink Hard To Read These Seven Signs Your Sight Is Going

April 21, 2020

Blink once. Blink once again. Still blurry? Perhaps your eyesight is starting to go - or your screen is dirty and it needs a clean!

Most people believe that if their vision were slowly deteriorating, they’d notice it. The thing is when things move slowly - such as a deterioration of sight - you don’t notice things going wrong. Vision loss is rarely something that happens in the - well - blink of an eye. Sure, you may find an eye doctor that you can use to assess the health of your eyes, but you would do well to recognize the signs your sight is going. Below, we’ve got seven clear signs that your eyesight is beginning to deteriorate so that you can see it coming (no pun intended).

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  1. The first is that you’re experiencing eye strain and it’s happening more often. The soreness in the eyes, the headaches, the constant need to blink over and over to clear eyes that aren't actually blocked. New headaches and dizziness should be looked into!
  2. That computer screen at work seems to be moving closer and closer to you. It’s not a prank and no one is moving it; it’s you. You are moving your screens closer to your face while you work so that you can see what you’re doing. If you are doing this without even thinking about it these days, there’s a problem!
  3. There’s nothing as lovely as dim evening light, but if you are leaving more and more lights on and the world seems dimmer. You shouldn't need four lamps, a ceiling light and a reading light on to read your book!
  4. There is nothing worse than being rather clumsy. The bruises alone are not worth it. You need your sight to see where you are going, and if you are crashing into things then perhaps getting it tested is the best idea.
  5. The little details in your job and your personal life are being missed. The spills of food or the plant you knocked over but didn't notice. These little things are the start of the big things. You may need glasses; so get your sight checked!
  6. Driving is becoming harder. You love to drive. You love to be on the road and yet the road signs seem blurrier. The lines in the road marking the lanes seem fuzzy. If you are concerned about your driving, you need to be reassessed as soon as you have your eyes tested once more.
  7. You simply cannot see. You are finding it harder and harder to see anything clearly and the blur is becoming too much. You find yourself nose to nose with a book and you are dealing with more headaches than you could imagine.
Your sight is nothing to fool with. You need to see and you should be able to handle good eyesight to live comfortably. Whether you need glasses or not is a matter for the optician, so get yourself an appointment today and you can get your sight back on track!

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  1. I have been winking for a while. Thank you for this helpful information. I think I will make an appointment with the doctor soon!