Learning Resources during COVID-19

April 17, 2020

This is a sponsored post written by me for OneClass.

Hey there friends! Our home has been on lockdown a little over 30 days now. My husband is an essential worker and I work from home so nothing much has changed there. The bigger challenge for our family has been no school. 

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Like most students around the country, my 3 children are now learning from home. This can be a big challenge to keep them engaged and on track for when they return to regular classes. So I have started to think outside the box and wanted to share what I have found with you guys. I am thrilled to share a great resource with you all about online tutoring. An online tutor can provide one-on-one set-up by discussing certain subject areas needed, and, getting it for FREE like OneClass.com offers!

OneClass.com offers a free tutoring program with Janine the Tutor and live streaming!

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As an online education platform, it is important to ensure that any tutor you work with has received the proper training in the field of academic integrity. The International Center for Academic Integrity's objective is to review the academic integrity policies of higher-education institutions, and we are the first education technology company to have received their review."

Live discussion of tutors for high school, college, and university math and chemistry, 7 days a week. Provides an online schedule to a specific subject and tutor.

Resources they offer include:
  • Class Notes
  • Textbook Notes
  • Study Guides
  • Textbook Solutions
  • Homework Help
  • Solvit App
Sign up and log in to the particular subject you need, and you're off to keep your kids learning so they can achieve their goals.

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