4 Tips To Keep Critters Away

April 15, 2020

When you are outside seeing wildlife can be exciting. Viewing squirrels and other wild animals in their natural habitat is also a teachable moment for your kids or even yourself. The turning point is when these critters manage to find their way into your home they quickly become much less adorable and more a nuisance that you have to endure. These types of animals are notorious for damaging the structure of your home and can even spread harmful diseases from them to you. For the safety of you, your loved ones and your home itself, it’s very essential to seal up any openings that they could use to gain entry.

There are a few ways that they might try and break into your home and these entry points below are where you want to be able to look at as the months get warmer.

1. Vents In Your Roof - While your roof may seem super high and might not be an issue for critters to come in, there are also vents that could be an entry point for wildlife to get through. During the cooler months, and critters will feel warm air leaving the vent. This makes them want to move in with you. If there are any gaps around the vent cover, mice and other small animals can slip inside. Even if the cover fits well, a determined animal can also chew their way through the plastic cover.

Image: Eagle Eye Wildlife Control

2. Get A Professional To Look Attic - During the warmer months, the attic is likely to become a way to hot for small animals. This is the perfect time to have a professional inspect and repair any vents or small areas that they might be in. If you live in the Atlanta area one company you’d want to call to help you with this inspection is called Eagle Eye Wildlife Control. This is an owner-operated wildlife removal company whose fully licensed and insured. You’ll receive their attention, low and best pricing, as well as their undivided 100% attention to give you the results you are looking for every single time. They also promise a five-year guarantee that once your wildlife is trapped, removed or exterminated, they will not return to both you or your loved ones again. The technicians take their time to ensure that they are thorough, aesthetically appealing and permanently sealed all within a competitive rate that won’t hurt your budget. If you’re looking for someone to assist you with any squirrel removal in the Atlanta area, they are the ones to help you.

3. Chimney - Racoons and squirrels are excellent climbers. They can quickly climb down into your chimney and get into your home! It’s also easy for bats to roost inside your chimney as well. The caps are stainless steel mesh barriers that cover the top of your chimney to help keep wildlife out. If you don’t have one, there really is nothing stopping them from sneaking inside. Also, if your cap is damaged over the years, you’ll want to get a new one! While you’re having that inspected, be sure to continue to set up times to make sure that they are coming back every 6 months so you don’t continue to go through this month after month.

4. Damaged Shingles- While your shingles might be in good shape right now, they also help keep animals that want to live in your attic out. When they are damaged due to wind, heat or how long they’ve been up there, they don’t offer you much protection. They can blister, or even fall right off your roof itself. Having that easy access is a quick invitation to wildlife to get into your home. It’s really important to not only have your attic checked, but it’s also important to have your roof inspected to make sure the shingles are in good repair. If any shingles are damaged, they need to be replaced promptly to keep critters out for good.

There are several other ways that critters get into your home so be sure that you look all around the nooks, crannies, doorways and pipeline areas of your home to make for certain. If you do encounter a critter of some sort whether it be a rat, squirrel, raccoon or anything that shouldn’t be near your home, immediately call a wildlife professional to assist you. Again, if you live in the Atlanta area, be sure to call someone who’s trustworthy, reliable and can give you the deserved rate. This company should be Eagle Eye Wildlife Control that answers all three of those points.

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