Want a Brighter, Airier Space? You Got It!

April 27, 2020

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck in a stuffy house - especially at the moment when lockdown has us confined to them all the time! If you’ve been dreaming of a brighter, airier space, then read on for some advice that will help you to make your place brighter and airier (it’s easy!).

Change Your Window Dressings
Start by simply changing your window dressings. If you have heavy curtains at the moment, that’s going to give your home a really warm feel. They might make your home feel cosy, but they can definitely make it feel stuffy. Try some shorter, more sheer curtains, or go for some blinds. Blinds are great because there are a ton of different styles and you can control the amount of light you let in.

Install New Windows
Perhaps you haven’t had your windows replaced since you moved in - could now be the time to do it? Your windows are extremely important, and they will make a big difference to how airy and bright your space feels. It’s not the cheapest of options on the list, but it’ll be worth it providing you work with qualified residential architects if you want to do something really fancy. A change like this could add value to your home too!

Paint Your Walls A Lighter Color
Dark walls will make your home appear smaller. Painting them a lighter color will reflect the light around your home more and make each room feel bigger. It doesn’t have to be white, but white is a great backdrop for accessories of different colors. Don’t be afraid to add colors and patterns with your accessories.

Get Rid of Carpet
If you have carpet in your home, now could be the time to get rid of it. The odd rug on hardwood flooring is fine and can perk up the place, but full carpet can be a negative for a few reasons. Not only is it more difficult to clean, it can also look outdated. Replacing your carpets could give your home the facelift that it needs.

Add Plenty Of Mirrors
Mirrors reflect light and can make even the smallest room look bigger. Placing them strategically around your home could give the illusion of space. At the very least, it’ll make your home look more lavish if you pick a fancy style!

Incorporate Some Greenery
Greenery looks great in any home, but it can look especially good in a place you want to add some brightness too. Shades of bright green help to bring the outdoors in. Embrace nature and incorporate a few plants if you’re confident you can care for them! Remember, different plants will need different amounts of water, as well as different levels of light.

Have A Deep Clean
Perhaps what you really need to do is set a few hours aside for a deep clean. You may not need to change anything about your home at all. If you do end up using the advice above, a deep clean will really top off the results.

Are you ready to make your place brighter and more spacious? Leave your thoughts below!

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