Must-Haves for Back to School

August 13, 2020

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Hey there friends! I hope you all are doing well? If you are like most families across America you are dealing with a lot when it comes to back to school. We are facing things we never dreamed we would see in our lifetimes and it's scary. Our school year has been delayed and we are being offered options when it comes to returning. 1) In-person learning - this will be face to face learning with adaptive measures. 2) Distance learning - This will be where you stay home but still follow the curriculum that is being done at the normal school from home. The child will also be allowed to participate in normal school sports activities. 3) Home school - This is where you will not following the schools' mandates and will learn via a 3rd party.

I think we can all agree that no matter what your family decides, we are all trying to do what is best for our families. Covid-19 has effected the world and the rules seem to be changing from week to week. This school year we will have a child attending a vocational school, high school, and middle school. The kids back to school list will very this year because of what they have going on. This is a list of some things we came up with as must-haves for back to school.

Shugar Soapworks

Looking for a better soap? We have found the perfect one for you that is an affordable, easily available natural soap, made in the USA, from a socially responsible company. I'm willing to admit I have seen this at my local Dollar Tree and passed buy it many times and not picked it up.

The all-natural Shugar soaps are made in the USA and are sold at nationwide value retailers like Dollar Tree. In addition to their low cost and large size, Shugar soaps are renowned for their rich, creamy lathers and invigorating aromas that last throughout the life of each bar. These soaps gently cleanse your skin leaving it with an invigorating, refreshing, and uplifting feeling. And, each soap variety is presented in eco-friendly attractive designer boxes.

In addition, Shugar Soapworks, a family business, is dedicated to supporting women and our communities. We regularly donate soap to help those in need, and we celebrate women and their stories through the Strong Women Soft Hands section of our website and online.

Families come in all colors and sizes. Crayola is excited to announce the new Colors of the World, a line of 24 specially formulated global skin tone crayons designed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly diverse world and promote the importance of inclusion and self-expression. Would you like to try a #trueselfie with your family? Use the Color Camera app:

ROKiT iO Pro 3D Phone

When our oldest son started middle school we decided it was important to have a phone to stay in contact. He was attending lots of school activities and spending lots of time away from home with his friends as most teenagers do. We wanted to make sure he could get in touch with us and we could also get in touch with him. We also know phones can cost a ridiculous amount of money. I would like to introduce you all to the ROKiT iO Pro 3D Phone at only $149.99 (price may vary). Give the only smartphone to offer glasses-free 3D technology! Our ROKiT iO Pro 3D phone is an unlocked 3D smartphone that features a number of benefits and services including ROKiT Talk free for six months - an international Wi-Fi calling app that gives loved ones the ability to call both mobiles and landlines for free to any number in the U.S. and 60 different countries. What makes ROKiT Talk different from its competitors is that it can be used to connect to landlines and not just mobile phones. Additionally, the ROKiT Phone arrives with ROKiT FLiX 3D, and Telemedicine also FREE for six months. With Telemedicine, users can connect with a doctor from the comfort of his/her own home, no worrying about going out to a busy doctor’s office, hospital or urgent care and if your loved one needs a prescription, it can be sent directly to the pharmacy of their choice with up to 80% in savings. Available at WalMart, Amazon, and

This year the kids will NOT have access to a water fountain but they will be allowed to bring refillable water bottles to keep in their book bags or desk. They will be allowed to fill these at newly installed water stations in the school as needed. Bindle Bottle can accommodate any student, whether they are keeping hydrated with some ice-cold water while storing some extra snacks, or keeping track of their keys and cash while sipping on some coffee before the first class of the day. Bindle Bottle keeps students hydrated and organized for class and everyday adventures outside of school. All Bindle Bottle’s slide easily into any backpack and our Bindle Slim fits comfortably into cupholders and water bottle carriage on bicycles.

Each bottle is built with lightweight, but durable stainless steel. The hidden-in-plain-sight waterproof storage lightens pockets by holding everyday essentials. With eight different colors and two sizes, there is a bottle that is unique to every student. Bindle Bottle is a great alternative to single-use plastics and combines style, function, and convenience. Use code JILL15 to save 15% off your order.

Classroom Hand Sanitizer

If you are a parent you KNOW hand sanitizer is on every teacher's classroom list. This year it will be more important than ever before so why not make it fun? Back to school sanitizer is a must-have for classrooms or homeschooling. Engage children in keeping their hands clean.


New kicks are always a must-have for back to school and you can't go wrong with these groovy multi-colored shoes from LUGZ. Coast through your day in breezy comfort with Clipper 2, the update to our classic Clipper style. With a slightly higher profile on the sidewall and a stitched heel counter, you’ll be ready to go in style these lightweight slip-on sneakers.

Foldable Reclining Stadium Seat by Smart Ideas

As a parent, I have spent countless hours under those Friday night lights at football games cheering on my favorite band kids. If you have done the same at any event that requires that you sit in bleachers you feel my pain and will want to check out the Foldable Reclining Stadium Seat by Smart Ideas. Their chair is the only one in the market that includes folding legs as well, making it versatile to use at the beach, picnics, backyard, and so much more. The chair folds into two for easy and compact transport. It comes in both standard size and Extra large to afford all body types, adjustable, padded with armrests and bottle holders. It has a waterproof material as life can get messy and an extra carry/ storage bag. This chair will be a lifesaver for loving parents supporting their children on a sporting event. It is also a great chair for the beach and even as a floor seat for yoga and meditation.

City Lips

Do you have a teen that loves fashion and make-up? City Lips is a plumping lip gloss that gives you both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips. With innovative ingredients that help restore healthy lips, it delivers deep hydration for instant plumping, long-lasting comfort, and smooths out lip lines & wrinkles. City Lips comes in a variety of captivating colors and you'll notice results almost instantly after you put it on!

Key ingredients include:
  • Hyaluronic Acid – A 100% natural ingredient used in lip injections, Hyaluronic Acid can now be shrunken into tiny spheres and used in a topical formula. Upon contact with your lips, the spheres instantly expand to deliver deep hydration and visible plumping results.
  • Oligopeptides – A string of amino acids that penetrate the skin to support natural collagen production. This helps enhance lip volume and smooths the appearance of fine lines to create a fuller, younger look.
  • Soothing Moisturizers – Jojoba Oil and Ylang Ylang Flower Oil are amazing natural moisturizers with well-known soothing and restorative properties. These added premium skin-conditioners ensure that City Lips feels amazing on your lips.

The Betterair Travel Spray is the ultimate on-the-go accessory for all-day protection from indoor irritants such as pollen, dust mite waste, and pet dander. Environmental Probiotics form a microflora and act as a natural shield on surfaces, shared objects, and even yourself. Spray two to three pumps in the air, your hands, or on shared objects such as keyboards, cellphones, yoga mats, door handles, airplane seat pockets, bathroom sinks, cutting boards, and much more! The travel sprays are sold as a pack of three 75ml bottles and are 100% organic, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly. For more information about Betterair please visit,

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