How To Shop For An Engagement Ring

August 13, 2020

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You’ve decided it’s time to pop the question, but what about the ring? Buying an engagement ring isn’t as straightforward as it may seem – not only do you have to keep within a budget, but you need to make sure the ring is the right style and fit for your partner (information that you may have to obtain from your partner discreetly). Here are just a few golden tips on shopping for an engagement ring.

Find out their style preferences

Some women like gold, while some prefer silver. Some like large blingy jewelry, while others prefer to keep their jewelry subtle. Some women like traditional designs, while others prefer more modern and experimental styles. Before you start shopping it’s worth finding out exactly what your partner likes. You could try going into a jewelry store and looking rings together as a way of gleaning this information. Alternatively, if you want to be more subtle, you could ask a friend of your partner to bring up the topic of rings and they can then relay the information to you.

Find out their ring size

It’s also important to get the right ring size. Getting an exact size isn’t easy - unless you’re able to take your partner into a jeweller and get their finger measured, you may have to rely on some guesswork. Many jewellers will be able to resize the ring if it’s not the right fit. It’s easier and less expensive to make a ring smaller than it is to make a ring larger – so if you’re not sure of their ring size, it’s best to go large.

Understand the terminology

Do you know your cut from your carat? This could all be worth researching before you start shopping. A lot of women don’t care much about the specs of a diamond, but they can impact how the ring looks. Carat affects the size of the stone, while cut affects the shininess (there are also other aspects such as color and clarity to consider). All of these qualities will also affect the price, which could make a difference if you’re on a budget.

Try shopping online

High street jewellers have their advantages – you have an expert to talk to in person, plus you can see and touch the rings. However, online jewellers tend to be more affordable – if you want to get real diamonds at a great price, it’s often better to shop online. Online jewellers also tend to have more styles to choose from. Certain online companies even specialize in custom rings, allowing you to choose the specs to suit you.  

Leave yourself enough time

If you’ve got a proposal planned on a specific date, make sure to leave yourself enough time to shop for a ring beforehand. Custom rings may take as long as a month to be manufactured and delivered. You also need time to compare jewellers so that you can get the right style at the best price.

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