Why DIY Builds Your Confidence

August 7, 2020

 ‘I am not good at DIY.’

‘I couldn't possibly do that!’ 

‘I don’t know a hammer from a wrench!’ 

Those are some of the things that people say when it comes to DIY. Do It Yourself actually is deeper than simply hanging up a photo frame, though. DIY can teach us a lot about ourselves and give us a more profound sense of confidence. 

You can start with a small project, and build up to bigger ones. And it is essential to know that DIY doesn’t just cover things like wiring and heavy work. It can be any form: from fixing your socks to making a birdhouse with the children. 


Instead of buying new socks, trousers, and even handbags - start taking care of things. You enjoy wearing your favorite jeans, and when they tear, you might be tempted to simply buy a new pair. But in reality, you could most likely fix them. The wooden bowls that you love so much, the chances are with some time you can make your own bowls. 

DIY makes you truly appreciate what you have and what you use every day to make your life better. 

You will begin to pay more attention to what you buy, where you buy it from - and understand the work that goes into the creation. 


When we learn, our confidence grows. This is because learning gives us an understanding of something, so much that we can have an in-depth conversation about it. You have the opportunity to learn about a range of tools too. Browse this site to read reviews and technical information about a whole range of tools. So for your next project, you have a clear list and can make your purchases confidently. 


With DIY, there are all levels of learning. Some people are beginners, and will most likely need guidance. Others have had an interest in DIY for years and have experience and advice to give in specific areas. Online communities and even DIY stores are packed with people who love what they do and are happy to teach and share information. 

There is a spirit of generosity and community with DIYers. They enjoy sharing their passion. Which is why you will find so many DIY YouTube tutorials

A sense of community can make you feel proud of the work you are doing and how you are doing it. 


Something we get from doing hobbies is time. And we learn patience too. Resin projects can take day weeks to complete. Woodwork can take months, depending on the size of the project. That time, those learning processes you can share with friends and family members. Children often love to learn how things work, and how they are made - this is a great opportunity to show them. 

Those teaching moments and learning moments in combination can be powerful stuff. 

As well as the time you get to spend, you can increase the life of a lot of things in the home. If you have always wanted to reupholster that ugly chair or your table has been wonky for years - you can put the time in and learn how to make it last longer. Improving the condition with some maintenance and love. 

Mind And Hands

The ability to create and fix with our hands can be a huge thing. We are designed to be able to make things with our hands. Our hands, along with our brains, are two of our most powerful tools. People learn by doing in many cases, and DIY gives you the opportunity to really explore that. 

But DIY can be great for mental and physical health. Knitting is shown to help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. When you really get into a task, it can also take your mind off other things that might be bothering you. 


This is not an insignificant part of DIY and confidence. Once you have created or fixed a few things, you can research if people purchase these items. DIYers have learned how to market their products, price their work, and know that their skills are worth cash. It might be photo frames that you are creating, jumpers, or huge tables. Your skills are of value. 

There is even a range of fun DIY shows where you can check out tools and chat with other DIY enthusiasts. DIY isn’t just about plumbing and replacing doors. There is so much more to it, and when you get good at it, you will feel amazing. 

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