You Can't Have A Clean Body, Without A Clean Mind

August 3, 2020

Working 8 hours, then coming home to drink wine, sit in front of the TV and then go to bed, is not a healthy lifestyle. Do you feel clean in your own body? Do you feel as if you can breathe deeply without feeling contained? Do you feel like you can wear any clothes you want and you’ll still look good? Do you think that you could do better for your chances of living a longer life? Cleansing your body and mind is the only way to get on the right path.


Take a tech break

Did you know that most people cannot go more than 30 minutes without checking their phones or social media? Why is our life run by notifications? That’s not what life is all about. We need to take a tech break for a week or a month. Just have your phone with you when you go to work but leave it alone when you get home. In fact, you can tell people when you will shut it off so they know they cannot reach you if they tried to contact you. Turn off your phone at around 6 pm every night. Turn it back on when you wake up but put it in your bag and take it to work. Take a break from checking your social media feed, your emails and your gallery of pictures. It will cleanse your mind and get you to reconnect with the world around you.

Cleaning your body

If we listen to our bodies, we’ll understand how clogged they are. It's not just negative energy that builds up, but toxins and chemicals that literally slow us down. They make us feel like we’re heavier than we actually are. That’s why one of the growing popular solutions is to have IV Therapy. You simply select the IV drip that you want. You can have a nutritional based IV, pure hydration, anti-flu or cold and or workout drip. The doctor will give you a medical exam so you’re clear to go. The nurse will then administer the drip and you get to sit back and relax. You can feel the drip enter your system and clean your body from the inside out. This is a service which is well worth the time. The thorough job it does of flushing toxins and chemicals out of your system, cannot be topped by anything else.

Meditation at sunset

Being alone at sunset, meditating and listening to your inner thoughts, can clear your mind, unlike any other activity. It takes time to become self-aware on a deeper level, but the reward is, truly understanding who you are and what you want in life. Set your alarm clock for 5:30 am and watch the sunset every morning. You don’t have to do any breathing techniques or chanting. The simple act of sitting still, slowing down and watching mother nature take her course will give your life a new depth of color. 

You can’t have a clean body, without a clean mind. Merging these two concepts is something that you need to dedicate your life toward if you want to cleanse your soul.

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