4 Reasons To Call A Refrigerator Repairman

August 29, 2020

As wonderful as it is to be a homeowner, it also comes with many responsibilities and not just to keep the roof over our head, but also with the appliances we purchase as well. There have been a few instances when my refrigerator isn’t working right and I need to act fast to protect all the contents inside from spoiling. There is nothing worse than having to throw out the new food that you spent so much money on at the grocery store only a few hours before. Although some things can be easily repaired, some might not always be the case. Below are a few reasons you’ll want to call a professional to take a look before it’s too late: 

  1. A Funny Noise - If you are hearing weird noises throughout the day, it might not be someone entering your home but your refrigerator. You can hear it coming on and going off at various intervals throughout a few days but if it starts to make some unusual sounds like a high pitch screech, the fan might be your answer. Other strange sounds can be a knock or clunking noise or a bang that isn’t associated with your ice maker kicking on. If that happens, this could mean that your compressor is needing to look at it. While these types of repairs are not something that you can not do yourself, it also might be dangerous and you’ll need to have a professional take a look at it for you.

  1. It Abroublty Stops - The first thing to check if this happens if the refrigerator has been plugged in properly. If you think this might be the solution, carefully pull your fridge away from the wall land check to make sure that the plug is secure. If it is, you’ll want to look at the cord to see if there has been any damage like frayed wires. If you see this, call a company right away because you do not want to unplug it or touch the cord to be shocked. 

  1. Things Are Not Staying Cold - A cool system is a must. If you realize some of your items are not as cold as they have been in the past, check a dial that inside of your refrigerator to make sure it hasn’t been changed. Remember that the higher the number, the colder temperature will be. Try to adjust the dial upward and see if that makes a difference. If you have checked the evaporator coils in the back are frosted over, this can be the issue. Before calling a repairman, unplug the fridge and then use a hairdryer at a distance to melt off the ice. Be certain not to get it too close to the coils because you don’t want to overheat it. Plug it back in and wait to see what happens. If nothing does after a few hours, you’ll want to then call someone to get you a new thermostat or compressor. Similarly, if things are frozen, you’ll want to turn the temperature down a bit and give it a few hours to see if that helps get things back to normal.

  1. A Leak Has Sprung Up - If you have noticed some droplets of water on the inside of your refrigerator or the floor around it, you might have a clogged defrost drain. If you don’t take care of this issue right away, this could cause not only damage to the appliance but also your cabinets and floor as well. Depending on what type of model you have, this can be cleaned out yourself and the problem should be resolved. You won’t be able to do this with the most freeze top or a bottom freezer style because the drain is hidden inside. You’ll need to get a refrigerator repairman can get it unplugged for you extremely easily.

Image: Trusted Refrigerator Repair and Appliance PRO

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What are some tips you have if your refrigerator needs repair work?

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