Happy Yummies makes for Happy Tummies

December 19, 2018

Happy Yummies makes for Happy Tummies! The BIG BEAR BAG has 12 different flavors including Wild Cherry, Orange, Lime, Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Blue Raseberry, Grape, Green Apple, Pineapple plus 2 extra special flavors that are new sparkling baby bears. This super bear assortment f gourmet gummies are now available nationwide online or at a store near you. They are both gluten and fat-free, MSRP is $9.50. They would make the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth on your holiday shopping list and also a great stocking stuffer. Our kids absolutely adore the great flavors! The bag is also very cute and is the iconic shape of the sweet gummies that it also holds inside. They are perfect for sharing or snacking on the go! Grab a bag or 2 and take them on your holiday trips today for easy and fun gift giving for all your family and friends!
Happy Yummies makes for Happy Tummies are Santa and Reindeer approved to bring happiness and joy this holiday season!

Here is the story...

We are picky... really picky when it comes to taste...
Candy is all about fun and celebrating life...and making some moments special and sweeter.
Our commitment is to always offer the absolute best tasting gummies in the world!
Try some of our gummies and you will be convinced!
We will make it so yummy... that it's going to make you happy Relax... take a break... and
Make each day a happy and yummy one!

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