What Does It Take To Be A Happy Family?

December 19, 2018

If you want to make sure your family is as happy together as can be, you’re in the right place. It doesn’t take a huge house and fancy technology to create a happy family - what you need is actually quite simple. Take a look and you’ll discover what it really takes to be a happy family.

Eat One Meal Together Each Day
Eating one meal together each day isn’t something we’ve just thrown in here for fun. It has actually scientific research and studies behind it that back up just how useful it is. Families who eat at least one meal together each day can use this time to talk about their day and swap stories, making sure they stay close and caught up with what’s going on in one another’s lives. Not only this, the studies have shown that kids who do eat meals each day with their families do better at school and avoid things like smoking! You don’t have to eat every meal together; just one will do.

Do Fun, Novelty Things Together
Make sure you do fun, novelty things together as a family. Go ice skating, explore new places, and play games. Always carve out time for new and exciting things. It helps you to bond and build those all important family memories.

Set An Example By Putting Your Marriage First 
Putting your marriage first is key if you want your kids to be happy. They are super important, of course, but setting an example by putting your marriage first will make you a stronger team overall. If you’re not yet married, it could be time to start browsing designer engagement rings and change that. As well as putting your marriage first, don’t ever fight in front of your kids. You shouldn’t shout at your kids either, as calm communication is key. Staying in control and focused on what’s important at all times is key.

Don't Overstretch Your Kids
Make sure you’re not overstretching your kids by agreeing to too many things - they get stressed out too. If they are committed to too many after-school clubs, play dates, and other things, you’ll become a chauffeur for them and they’ll barely have any time to relax. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy together as a family, so make sure you plan for those, too!

Empower Your Kids
Make sure you work on empowering your kids, too. They should have a say in plans for themselves, such as picking their own punishments and rewards - when this happens, they become more internally driven to avoid punishments and gain rewards. They also have greater cognitive control over their lives now and in the future, as it helps their brain development tenfold. Allowing your kids a greater role in raising themselves will make them happier and smarter in the long run. Try it!

Do you agree with these statements - and are you going to incorporate any of them now you’ve read this post? Let us know!
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