Walk On By: What Can You Do To Stop People Staring In Your Windows?

December 17, 2018

Most of us share some common red flags when we’re looking for a new home. Many of us wouldn’t consider a house which is on a road, for example. And, many of us would avoid buying a property which faced straight onto a footpath. Who wants passers-by staring in their windows every few minutes? Not you, that’s for sure.

But, then, the house fairies work their magic. You fall in love with a house which couldn’t be closer to that path if it tried. Should you ignore your gut feeling because of this one niggle? Not necessarily. In reality, plenty of people are happy in their footpath-focused homes. And, you could be too. If this is otherwise the ideal property for you, then, you would be mad not to give it a go.

In truth, all you need to do is consider a few of the ways you can lessen the invasion a position like this brings. Lucky for you, there are often some simple and easy solutions which can serve your needs here. Keep reading to find out which of them would suit you.

Distract attention with window displays

If people stare straight into your living room, it’s because you aren’t giving them something better to look at. Though it may sound simple, getting elaborate with window displays could be all it takes to solve this. One of your best bets here is to invest in window boxes filled with colorful flowers. These have the benefit of both drawing the eye and obscuring the view a little. If you’re worried that will make your room too dark, try a more basic display. Something as simple as placing ornaments on your windowsill could stop people staring straight at you.

Buy blinds for privacy

Another option would be to simply buy window treatments such as blinds or shades to provide you with some privacy. One option you might consider is to install outdoor sun blinds from Caribbean Blinds (or another blind specialist in your area) as these not only add a layer of protection but can also help with climate control. These are fantastic because they entirely block the outside view when shut. Most blinds also offer the option of opening the slats. This would be ideal in the day, as it provides you with light while still ensuring you some privacy. Unlike curtains, then, these ensure that you’ve covered whether they’re open or shut. You may even find that people don’t so much as look your way with these in place. So, this is a no-brainer if those staring eyes are starting to bother you.

Rearrange your house

Though it may seem extreme to transform your home for this purpose, you may well find that doing so is worth your while. This needn’t even be as complex a task as you’re thinking. In reality, you only need to ensure that your living room is at the back of the house. This is where you spend the most time, and is thus the place you want to promote privacy. Instead, then, consider moving your kitchen or study areas to the front of the house. You can bet you won’t mind people glancing in half as much after this.

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