Stop Everything And Build A Gaming Room Now

December 3, 2018

Nowadays, video games are not just a trend, but they can also bring family members together. Indeed, since the Wii console created an accessible platform for family fun, more and more game developers and console designers have been looking into the possibility to make games into an experience that can be shared. As a result, the popularity of games - from household favourites like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty to the retro snes games you played as a teen - has increased in the past few years, allowing parents and children to connect and interact in a variety of ways.
Consequently, the addition of a gaming room in your home can be a crucial step in creating a relationship with young teenagers, without mentioning the fact that it’s a lot of fun too! You can be sure you’ll love to sit in front of a game and unwind after a stressful day at work.

Most people don’t use their basement
You’d be surprised to know that for most household, the cellar is a lost room. Indeed, many families tend to use their additional rooms–such as the basement or the attic–as a storage facility. However, the lack of regular use can make the room and its content more vulnerable to water infiltration and pest infestation–as these can go unnoticed in unused rooms! Consequently, it’s time to give your basement–or attic–some attention. Make sure to insulate the space – for sound and temperature–before you start building your gaming cave.

Plan a cozy and geeky decor
A gaming room requires a relaxed decor. You need to think of it as a space to cool down after a long day. Therefore, you need to opt for comfy seating options–see this for something really special and playful–and low tables. If you’re looking for decorative ideas, you need to think about your lighting options, as some games need to be played in semi-darkness for better effects–especially video games with complex and epic landscapes that tend to use a range of shadows to express depth. Adding lights or a personalized neon sign from somewhere like is a great way to add dimension and style to your gaming room. 

Get your gaming essentials
When you’re ready to invest in a gaming room, you need to make sure that you’ve got all the equipment required for the best possible game experience. You can put a few accessories such as these on your Christmas list this year. An illuminated controller can entirely transform your game experience, for instance. Similarly, you’ll need a large screen, preferably mounted on the wall. Too many gamers rely on the TV in the living room to play, but buying a second screen can make sure everyone – players and non-gamers – can have a good time.

Who says gaming, says gaming food
Finally, can there be a real gaming experience without a snack on the side? The fact is that most people fancy some nibbles as they play. If you want to keep your family healthy, you need to bring healthy food options to the gaming room. A bowl of fresh fruits can provide all the vitamins your kids need, for instance. A selection of apples, bananas, and easy peelers can keep every healthy while they explore the realms of Uncharted 4 or Blood-borne.

Are you ready to transform your unloved basement into a breathtaking gaming room? This could be your priority home improvement project for the next few months. You’re guaranteed to keep your family excited and engaged! As always, keep it Southern, Y'all!

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