City Mouse Or Country Mouse? Tips For Those Thinking About A Scenery Change

December 20, 2018

Do you remember reading the fable of the City Mouse and Country Mouse when you were a child? You can read a version of the story here. At first, living somewhere with a complete change of scenery seems like an attractive proposition, but the reality can be far different. The moral of the story being that sometimes you are better off where you are!

Still, we aren't living in a storybook world, so a change of scenery might actually do you some good. However, it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of such a move, because as the mice discovered, you might also decide that living somewhere that you are already used to may be the better option.

So, be you a city mouse thinking about a move to the country, or a country mouse thinking about moving to the city, you might want to consider the following before you pack your bags and move.

Moving to the country

Should you be tired of city life, with the hustle and bustle of both traffic and people, then the notion of living out in the country might be attractive to you.


The peace and quiet.
Think about it. No traffic sounds, bar the occasional tractor. No sounds from nighttime revelers, bar the occasional hoot of an owl. If you have ever craved peace and quiet, then a move to the country might be just what you need. Your stress might just melt away as a consequence!

Safer spaces for your kids. Kids love to play, and when it comes to playing out in the great outdoors, there are far fewer dangers. There is less risk of stranger danger. There is less risk of a traffic accident. And while there are some safety risks in the country - poisonous berries, possibly dangerous creepy crawlies - you might still have better peace of mind when your children are outdoors.

Self-sufficiency. You don't have to live a self-sufficient lifestyle in the countryside, but if often makes practical sense to do so, especially if you opt for farm living. You can grow your own crops, raise chickens to provide you with eggs, and create your own produce for personal use or to sell at local farmers markets. If you ever wanted to escape the rat race and the world-damaging carbon footprint of city life, then the country might be for you.

A sense of privacy. Houses are often further apart, so if you are tired of nosey neighbors, know that the only prying eyes spying on you and your family are those from the wildlife that inhabit the scenery around you.

You are one with nature. You have fresh air, without risk of pollution. You have the beauty of the countryside. You have places to walk, climb, and possibly swim. You are one with nature and nature is one with you!


Feelings of isolation. Sure, you can stay in touch with old friends through Skype and social media, but it just isn't the same as popping over to your friend's house for a coffee and a cream cake! You might make friends living in the country, but as the population is less, and because houses are often further apart, you might feel lonely occasionally.

Lack of amenities. If you're lucky, there might be a food shop in the village, and even a post office around the corner. But if you're somebody who loves shopping, your home might be a fair distance away from the nearest mall. And that brings us to the next point.

Transport issues. There might be a lack of public transport systems, or at the very least, something less regular than what you are used to, so if you do want to visit the shopping mall or any other amenity, you are going to need a car to get around. This is also true should you need to commute to work.

Moving to the city

If you're looking for more action in your life, with people, pursuits, and generally more things to do with your time, then a move to the city might be right for you.

There is lots to do. There are more places to eat, more places to socialize with others, and generally more things happening on a daily basis. You will be spoiled for choice by the museums, shopping malls, restaurants, and activity centers near you, so boredom will rarely be an issue.

More accommodation choices. Accommodation options are sparse in the country, but in the city, there are all kinds of options, no matter your budget. You can generally find a condo or a house to move into relatively easy, at a size that suits your family, and in places that are easily commutable for school and work purposes.

An exciting cultural life. City living offers you a wider range of cultural possibilities, with more theatres, cinemas, arts centers, and exhibits, than you would usually find in the country. There will be a more diverse culture of people too, so there are all kinds of social opportunities available for you engage with.

Proximity to the essentials. Food stores? Hospitals? Schools? Job opportunities? In the city, most of what you need will be in close proximity. And even if they aren't, you will have a wider choice of transport to gain access to them.


The problem of pollution. We are talking about traffic pollution and noise pollution, with smells and sounds that might not be conducive to positive physical and mental health. If you're used to country living, a move to the city can take some adjusting to!

More safety risks. You might be reasonably comfortable letting your kids roam the countryside, but you might not be in the city. As suggested earlier, with a higher risk of stranger danger, and the problems of busy traffic, city life poses many risks to the younger members of our families.

There are more people. This might be a good thing if you're a social person, but if you prefer your own space, you might find the crowds and congestion difficult to get used to. There are people everywhere, and while many of them are bound to be lovely, the hustle and bustle can get a little wearying if you're desperate for some peace and privacy.

And So...Should you opt for a change of scenery, or are you better off staying where you are? The choice is yours, but consider our pros and cons if you are currently trying to make the decision. We wish you every joy and happiness, whatever you decide to do!

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