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December 8, 2018

Someday you will look back on these memories hanging on a tree and wish you had that time back. Every year I think this same thing, My kids are 16, 15 and 11...where did the time go? Traditions have always been very important to me, I want my kids to look back some day with a smile on their face and think of the memories we made as a family. That's the thing about traditions it's never too early or late to start one. This year I am once again thrilled to be able to work with of my favorite places, Personalized Ornaments for You.

Personalized ornaments are a great way to mark a memory in time, something important that happened during the year. For my kids this year it was easy to pick those very moments. For my oldest son, Caide it was the moment EVERY 16-year-old waits for and every parent is never prepared for...he got his 1st car. His car just happens to be my dream car many moons ago, it's not new but it is perfectly him. It's a white 2000 Toyota Celica that was very well taken care of and almost mint condition.

For my daughter Sarah it was receiving her learners permit. She turned 15 in June and she put it off for MANY months from fear that she would not pass. Of course, I was fine that and put no pressure on her to take the test because it gave me a little more time to drive and not stress over becoming a permanent position in the passengers' seat. I'm kinda thankful she put off the test, our oldest 2 are only 18 months apart and I wasn't really looking forward to buying another car so soon. Just in case you are wondering she passed with flying colors on the 1st try.

 As for Wade, the youngest, he is in 5th grade this year. 5th grade is when band introduction starts and for him he picker percussion. In 5th grade percussion, they start the kids off on bells to help them learn to read music, keep time and beat. This prepares them for 6th grade and drums. Yes, our house can get LOUD when he is practicing but this mom wouldn't have it any other way. So he had to have a bright and shiny drum.

I also took the time to backdate a few ornaments I missed along the way. These turned into more of a generic ornament because it's harder to pinpoint those memories once they have passed. That's why I'm speaking from experience and am telling you to do this yearly so you don't need to play catch up like this momma did. Regardless I love each of these ornaments just as much.

Personalized Ornaments for You have the ornaments broken down into categories and have an easy to use the search feature. You will surely be able to find an ornament for everyone on your holiday gift-giving list for memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Make sure to also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on everything they offer. Wishing you all the most treasured of holiday memories from our home to yours, as always keep it Southern Ya'll!

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