What To Expect When Getting Older As A Woman

December 4, 2018

There is no hiding from the fact that as you get older, your body and feelings change dramatically. Some of it can be quite a gradual and slow process, whereas other times you got to bed one way and wake up feeling different. Ageing is something that we all have to go through, after all, as each day passes, we get older, so we need to ensure that we do what we can to be aware of what is to come. This we, we can expect what can feel like the unexpected. Some of the side effects of getting older can take you by surprise, and you may not even realise that it is just a normal part of the stage of life you are in now and not something to be too worried about. So here is what you can expect when it comes to getting older as a woman.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear

When you get older, the fine lines and wrinkles can start to appear. There can be varied reasons why this happens. First up, as you get older, your skin loses the elasticity to it, and that can mean that wrinkles can easily from. Many people see their frown lines and wrinkles as a sign of a happy life, after all, the crows feet at the side of eyes tend to appear most when you are smiling. But it can also make you feel less confident in your own skin. A great tip is to start with an anti-aging skincare routine, where there is a focus on the elasticity of their skin. There are some great moisturisers out there that really focus on the wrinkles side of things, and that can help you to feel much more confident.

You may suffer from varicose veins

Would you believe that varicose veins are a symptom of getting older and it can be effective in many different areas of your body? You may start to see them from on your legs and even get spider veins on your face that from. This is because the blood vessels in your body can disperse and become thinner and more present underneath the skin. They can be quite obvious at times, so you may want to look into ways that you can reduce them. Massaging your face and also using specific creams could help you overcome this.

The changes in your hormones

There is no avoiding from the fact that you are going to see a change in your hormones. It can be quite a hard thing to go through at first. You may start to experience different mood swings. Perhaps feeling more moody and angrier than usual. Maybe even feeling frustrated or perhaps even sensitive to situations that normally wouldn’t bother you. This is all part of a period of your life that many women go through called the menopause. Hormones can affect you on a day to day basis, so it is important for you to be aware of the situation and also to be extra kind to yourself. It is an adjustment, not just for you but for anyone involved in your life.

Hot flush anyone?

The menopause will be something that you begin to experience, and one of the most common things women complain most about is the hot flushes. They can take you by surprise. You can suddenly become insanely hot, to the point where you can feel lightheaded. This can happen at any time but can be quite common at night. It is something that passes through, so while it can be an unpleasant expectation of getting older, it isn't something that you have to handle permanently.

Are you feeling it in your joints and bones?

A big issue with getting older is feeling it in your joints and your bones. With age, your bones can start to shrink in size, making them weak and more susceptible to fractures and even breakages. Believe it or not, you could also become a little shorter as you get older. Your muscles can start to lose their strength over time, and their endurance and flexibility. This can affect your stability, balance, and coordination. A great way to try and keep these sorts off side effects under wraps is to ensure that you still remain to get a healthy dose of calcium in your diet. Vitamin D can also really help, so getting outside as often as possible. You could always combine this with an active lifestyle, which can help you start to feel your best.

Having more bathroom breaks

Perhaps not the nicest topic of conversation, but certainly something that you should be more aware of as you get older. Like your muscles in your body generally, your bladder can start to lose the elasticity and flexibility it once had, which could mean that it can no longer hold as much urine, or for extended periods of time as you may have been used to. The function of your urinary treat system may also start to waiver, as you notice that you could start to struggle with incontinence. While you can’t avoid these things, you can be aware of them, and enable yourself to have regular toilet breaks.

Remembering things becomes harder

A common side effect and perhaps one that you are much more aware of would be your future problem with remembering things. Your memory may have been amazing in your youth, but as you start to get older, you may begin to notice that you can forget things easier. Your brain undergoes some major changes as you get older, which is why this sort of thing can be affected. For some, it is completely minimal, such as forgetting names, or things you have done recently. But for others, this can develop into forgetting things injures after you have been told something. A good diet, remaining social and keeping active can be things that can help your brain function and continue to work correctly.

Are you struggling with sight and sound?

When you picture someone getting older, you may imagine them asking you to repeat things or wearing glasses to help them read. That is because sight and sound can be two of the big things that start to dwindle as you get a little older. This isn't something you can necessarily avoid, but what you can do is ensure that you have regular checkups so that you don’t put your hearing or sight under any extra strain without any help being offered.

Have you gained weight?

eight gain may be something that you have started to notice more and more as you get older. You may have been able to keep weight off, but as you age, your metabolism changes, which means that your body may not be burning off those excess calories as quickly as it used to. You may slow down a little when it comes to the usual activity you may have taken, and perhaps indulge a bit more in the foods that you love. But, while you may not be too bothered about a few extra pounds, it can be a stark reminder that a well-balanced diet will always stand you in good stead when it comes to weight, and keeping physically active will help you stay in shape.

Sometimes being more aware of what is to come can be the best course of action for prevention. While much cannot be avoided, it can be maintained and even though you are getting older, you can still live the life you dream of. Wishing you best of health and always keep it Southern Y'all!
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