Heading To University - A Small Survival Guide

December 3, 2018

Heading to university or college to progress your studies isn’t the most calming of prospects. Not only are you pushing forward to try and tackle a higher degree of education, but you’re likely going to have to deal with the new social element if living on campus, or in rented accommodation nearby. Of course, if you’re able to work hard and keep your priorities straight, this period should prove wonderful for you without question. However, like any large shift in life, it’s essential to try and adapt with wisdom.

University can be the best place to develop yourself as a person in your youth, or even if you’re returning as a mature student. However, there are plenty of distractions around, and sometimes the possibility of problems rearing their heads. With our mini-survival guide, you should have no trouble with any of this:

Insure Yourself Properly

When living in a shared flat or even your own accommodation in a student area, it’s often the case that break-ins can occur. Would-be thieves or those who are intent on causing damage know that sometimes students fail to lock their doors, or are out during the evenings at social events. They know that sometimes, they are lax about keeping on top of their home security. Sometimes, it can be easy for students to forget basic home maintenance, and arrange their space in a manner that constitutes a fire hazard. This means that not only is staying mindful of the behavior in your accommodation an important prospect and doubling up on security measures is also, you should consider applying a package offered by Lemonade insurance to ensure that you are protected should any of these pitfalls happen to you personally.

Understand The Priority Of Your Duties

Understanding the priority of your duties is essential when in college. It’s extremely easy to get sidetracked by petty issues such as trying to go out multiple times a week in order to look cool, or to focus on finding a romantic relationship before you’ve even started getting to grips with the flow of your studies. Know what you’re there for. Arrange your time each week so that you can attend all of the small lifestyle considerations you would like to be a part of. Always remember to schedule in rest. And when you feel as though you need a break, give yourself one. Knowing your priorities can ensure that no duties pile up on you, and that this entire experience is one of learning and growing, not continually trying to prevent drowning in work.

Squeeze The Best

Squeeze the best out of the potential opportunities given to you. This can happen in many ways. You might decide to network, or to volunteer for a program arranged by your lecturer. You might take part in a society and learn a sport while there to keep in shape. You might even say yes to the emotional connection you feel to someone on your course, and potentially find your college sweetheart. Look at the flow of uni life with optimism, and there’s more of a chance you’ll succeed.

With these tips, you’re sure to not only survive, but thrive at university. As always keep it Southern Y'all!

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