3 Tips for Starting a Business from Home, That You Can Fit Around Your Life

March 7, 2019

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Many people are permanently based at home, for a variety of reasons. For some, their primary responsibility is being there for their young children. For others, they may be supporting and caring for a relative in need. Still, others may be unable to work in a conventional office setting, due to a health or social issue of their own.

Whatever the case, the fact that you are primarily based at home for the majority of your time, does not mean that you cannot also engage in some entrepreneurial activities. In fact, these days, more and more people are starting businesses from home, and finding the experience to be rewarding and informative.

There are many reasons why you may want to start a business from home. One straightforward reason is to avoid boredom, and to keep yourself occupied. Another reason is – of course – to make some money.

Whatever your particular circumstances, or motivations, here are a few tips for starting a business from home, that you can fit around the specific requirements of your life, and not vice versa.

Decide on the skills and interests you’re going to leverage, and identify ways those can be used to make money
A lot of people are put off starting their own businesses, precisely because they believe that they don’t have any applicable skill set that could be used to serve as the backbone of a start-up.

The simple answer to that is – have you looked around lately?

More and more, the world is filled with companies, and small business ventures, that occupy niches so small and specific that they could scarcely have existed at all if not for the handful of individuals who comprise them.

You do not need to have a 20-year background in high finance in order to start out on an entrepreneurial track. You simply need to have some skills and interests that could be leveraged in some way, to provide some benefit for someone.

That really is the only criteria you need to aim for, and you have a lot of freedom in how you combine those things.

For example – maybe you can draw decently, write decently, and have experience in raising kids. Have you ever considered that you could become a self-published parenting cartoonist?

Go for straightforward ways of qualifying the professionalism of your business
For better or for worse, would-be customers and clients are always on the lookout for signs and qualifiers of professionalism in the companies they choose to give their money to.

Many ethically run, and creative, small businesses, don’t get a lot of attention, precisely because they look too “amateurish.”

While getting your new business off the ground, one of the best things you can do for its prospects is to go for straightforward ways of qualifying its professionalism, as soon as is reasonably possible.

You could, for example, look into address companies such as https://physicaladdress.com, in order to rent a physical mailing address to include on your online contact details, which would, in turn, boost the professional credibility of your company.

Another great step would be to begin collecting testimonials from pleased customers or clients, as soon as possible, and then displaying them prominently on your site.

Be active, and display work samples as soon and as often as possible (even if on your own blog)

In order to make a success of a small business, you have to be as busy and active as you can manage, and you have to display to all prospective clients and customers that you are busy and active.

In practical terms, this means you should collect and display samples of your work as soon and as often as possible. This does not necessarily have to mean doing work for clients, and getting their permission to show off samples of that work.

At the very beginning, it could just mean producing content for your own blog, or creating demo content that you display on your own website. Just so long as you routinely update your site with content that shows any viewers – as well as Google’s SEO algorithms – that you are there, and are working.

Having work samples up on your website will convey a few important messages. Firstly, it will show any prospective clients exactly what kind of quality of work they could expect if they were to hire you. For another thing, it demonstrates that you’re “in the game,” and aren’t just a stagnant, or expired entity.

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