4 Alternative Therapies For Managing Anxiety

March 7, 2019

Anxiety is so difficult to manage because it’s unique to each person. There is a wide range of reasons that people develop issues with anxiety in the first place and when it comes to treating it, there’s no easy answer. Things that work for some people won’t necessarily work for others so it’s about finding the strategies that work for you. If you’ve tried some of the more typical treatments like talking therapies and medication and you’re still struggling to get it under control, it’s very disheartening. It might even feel like you’re never going to be able to manage your anxiety and you’ll have to just accept it. But don’t give up just yet, there are plenty of other ways that you can treat and manage anxiety. These are some of the best alternative therapies that may help you to deal with anxiety.


Anxiety often manifests itself in fears about the future and regrets about things that you may have done in the past. People with social anxiety, for example, will run over social interactions in their head afterward and worry about how they were perceived. But if you can learn to be more present and not let the past and future dictate your current mood, it’s a lot easier to manage feelings of anxiety. Meditation will help you to do just that. Regular meditation sessions give you the chance to take some time out of the day to relax and remove any outside worries. It also teaches you to live in the present and not focus on the past or the future which does a lot to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Breathing Techniques

When you’re in the midst of a particularly bad anxiety attack, you can experience dizziness, trouble breathing, and chest pains. It’s incredibly scary and repeated episodes can increase your feelings of anxiety over time. But if you can find a way to relax and control anxiety in those moments, your situation will improve a lot. Breathing techniques are one of the best ways to do that. By controlling your breathing and slowing it down, you can get that anxiety under control.

CBD Oil 

CBD oil is a relatively new thing and the research into it is still in its early stages. It’s been used to treat a lot of different medical conditions and a lot of people report that it helps them to manage feelings of anxiety. You can buy reds quality cbd online in a lot of different forms so you can take it as a drop on your tongue or add it to foods and drinks. It hasn’t been proved to work for everybody but it’s worth a try because it could help you.


The Chinese are of acupuncture that involves inserting thin needles into the body to manage the flow of energy can be quite contentious. There are a lot of people that maintain it works while others say that it doesn’t. There is some evidence to suggest that it can help with anxiety and, while that evidence isn’t conclusive, it may be worth trying yourself.

Everybody manages anxiety in their own way and you need to find things that work for you, so it’s always a good idea to explore some of these alternative therapies.

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