5 Reasons to Add a Photo Booth to Your Next Party

March 25, 2019

Planning a party is exciting, thrilling, expensive and more than a little bit stressful. Nowadays, parties come with many, many options. Even kids parties come with choices of location, food, entertainment, music, decor and accessories. And, we seem to have them all of the time. We have parties to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, births, new jobs, house moves and even divorces. With all of these parties going on all of the time, it’s hard to set yours apart, and you might find that you spend a long time planning, and preparing entertainment and extras to help you to throw the perfect party.

One of these extras that you might see advertised when you are getting stuck into your party planning is Photo Booth Hire. You might think that you don’t need a photo booth, seen as most of your guests will have a smartphone in their pocket. But, it can be a worthwhile addition to your party. Here are just five of the reasons to add a photo booth to your next party.

You’ll Get High-Quality Photos
Yes, almost everyone at your party will have a camera in their pocket. Most of them are even high-quality nowadays. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t promise high-quality photos of your event. When checking out the pics your guests have snapped once everything is over you are bound to find plenty blurry, some out of focus, lots of drinks and food and that they get worse as the night progresses. 

A photo booth guarantees excellent photos, of people that you love. You’ll still have all of the others too, so it’s win-win.

It’ll Help Make Lots of Fun Memories
Your friends will take selfies, photos of drinks and blurry dance shots. Afterwards, it will be hard for you to associate these with memories, and everyone else at your party will cringe when they look back on them. A photo booth is a way to make great memories that everyone can enjoy looking at after the event.

It’s Great Entertainment
Parties can be hard to get right. We all love a dance and a good time. But, we worry that our guests will get bored and end up sat around on their own table. A photo booth doesn’t just give photos and memories, but it also gives your guests something to do.

It’ll Encourage Mingling
A photo booth also gets people talking. They won’t just sit with their close friends. They’ll get to know other people, or catch up with people that they haven’t seen for a long time. It’s a fantastic way to get people mingling and to keep your party going.

You Can Make it Personal
Photo booths aren’t one size fits all. Yes, most of the stalls are roughly the same, but the things that you can do with it are different. You can get props and backdrops to match the theme of your party, or to suit your personality. You get to make sure your photos are fun, and that your friends have got a way to enjoy themselves. A photo booth can be a wonderfully personal touch to any party.

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