How to Improve Your Living Room Décor

March 2, 2019

The living room is usually the first room you visit when you enter your home and the first things that the guests see are within this room. The living room gives the homeowner a chance to display their taste and style.

Their creativity is well portrayed by how everything is laid out in this room. Things can get messy if you don’t have good taste or have a good idea of how to make your living room homely.

There are many ways you can improve your living room décor, even when on a low budget. Not everyone can afford to consult a luxury interior designers in London to help them to improve their living room décor, so we asked them to share some golden rules on how you can do it yourself. Let's
take a look at some ideas you can implement.

Choosing Lighting Fixtures

A well-lit room is a beautiful room. A single, powerful light source or various dispersed light sources can give a living room a vibrant ambiance. Bare lights look boring, therefore adding some elegant lighting fixtures will revamp the display and add style to your living room.

Layered lighting helps to improve your living room décor more than a single source light. This ensures that even the dull corners of the house are well lit. If chandeliers are off your budget, you can try hanging some pendant lights at different locations across the room.

Choose a Perfect Focal Point

A focal point adds life to the living room. It can vary from a fireplace to a piece of art, or other items that you feel are large and elegant enough to give your living room an interesting view.

The rest of the living room arrangements should be centred around a focal point. The decision of a focal point item will vary depending on your budget and the amount of space you have available.

Examples of focal point ideas include:

• Well-designed oak fire surrounds
• Large wall photos and canvases
• A neat and elegant bookshelf
• Accessorized plants
• A large and dramatic piece of art
• A large mirror (this makes the living room feel larger than it is.)

You can paint a contrasting colour on the wall where the focal point is located. Add some decorations around the piece. Do not overdo it to avoid a cluttered and messy look. Make sure the focal point is the first thing anyone sees when they enter your living room.

Install Window Shutters

Windows are traditionally known as a source of natural light and ventilation. It can, however, have aesthetic purposes, especially when you install come designer window shutters. These shutters help in regulating the amount of light into the house, giving the room a cosy feel.

You can have your window shutters customized to match the colours of your wall and other decorations. Window shutters can give your room more elegance than normal curtains.

Upgrade your Furniture

Furniture comes in different styles and designs. Choose your furniture according to your tastes and preferences. It should also be easy to maintain and ideally, it should be lightweight (you might need to change the positions once in a while).

Also, incorporate different pieces of furniture such as sofas, ottomans, coffee tables, hammock seats, and others to avoid monotony. Keep into consideration your available space to avoid cluttering the room with excess furniture.

Invest in a Large Rug

A large, comfortable, and attractive rug can help improve your living room décor in a number of ways. It will also draw attention to the floor. Bright rugs will help in illuminating the room by reflecting the light upwards.

Since we tend to stay barefooted when indoors, a rug will give your feet a comfortable feel. Cold seasons will not be a threat as the rug adds some warmth to your living room.

Welcoming Layout

Different factors determine the layout of a living room. When you have a large space, ensure the space is well utilized to avoid a scattered look. You might consider sub-dividing the space into various sections where people can sit around and converse freely.

On the other hand, if space is small, reduce the number of pieces of furniture to give the room enough space for people to move around freely.


The living room appearance should remain simple, yet sophisticated. Only keep necessary and useful items in the living room. This will keep it neat, tidy, and elegant. It will also save on the much-needed space.

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