Are Swimming Lessons Good for Toddlers?

March 12, 2019

Are Swimming Lessons Good for Toddlers?

Our opinion is that you're never too young to learn how to swim. Swimming is a skill that all of us should learn for our own safety. Knowing how to swim could save your life or the life of someone drowning one day.

Should Toddlers have swimming lessons? We believe they should. If you're interested in why we think so, take a look at the three reasons below!

#1 Starting Young Improves the Child's Natural Affinity with Water

Getting used to being in the water at a young age is a huge advantage in the coming years. Most children don't develop a water phobia until five years or older.

Don't mistake this fact as us saying that toddlers Don get scared. Of course, they do.

However, being scared of water and reacting to it as a phobia are two very different things.

If a Toddler is given the opportunity to learn how to swim, chances are they'll have no fear of the water at an older age. Quite the opposite, in fact. A child who was exposed to the water and the idea of swimming tends to have a strong affinity with the water and will learn more advanced swimming techniques at a younger age compared with those who were not exposed.

#2 Children Learn New Skills Much Faster as Toddlers than When They Reach Older Ages

If you want to teach your children basic skills, the best time is between the ages of 1-4. During these ages, your children are starting to open their minds up to information and are attempting to understand the things going on around them.

For this reason, most of your children's habits are formed in these years. You have a better chance at teaching them things such as swimming in these years before their minds start to settle. Of course, children continue to learn and absorb information at a rapid rate even past the toddler age. However, this is them most crucial time for them.

Try introducing a simple concept to both a toddler and a 6-year-old. Assuming neither child has heard of the concept before and it is something that a toddler is physically and mentally capable of doing, the toddler will almost always figure it out first.

#3 Swimming with a Parent Improves the Child's Ability to Trust

Another concept that should be reinforced into your toddler's mind is that he or she can trust you 100%. Getting into the water with your toddler is the perfect exercise in trust. The toddler will have to rely on you to keep them above the water.

As you teach them to remain calm while underwater, they'll also begin to trust that you will always bring them back up to the surface.

By the time your child has learned to swim on their own, the two (or three if both parents are present) of you will have developed an unbreakable Bond of trust that will translate through to every other life activity that you accomplish together.

These are our three reasons for why we believe you should give your toddler swimming lessons. There are bound to be plenty of other reasons for why this is the case.

Do you have any insights into why toddlers should learn to swim? Share them with us and our other readers in the comments below!

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