5 Wake-Up Calls For Women 40 And Over

March 28, 2019

Forty is the new thirty. Indeed, you don’t have any reason to be afraid of hitting the big 4-0 milestone. For a start, being 40 in the 21st century offers a world of opportunities. The world is not only your oyster, but, for the first time, you have the experience and the wisdom to nurture that oyster and steal its precious pearl.
More to the point, 40 marks a new beginning in the life of a woman. It’s an age at which you have finally mastered the self-confidence you need to evaluate your life choices and correct some of the ill-informed decisions you might have taken in the past. It’s the best time to compile the balance sheet of your situation, on the left, the things you love about your life and yourself, and on the right the things that need to change. Your chance of happiness is now: You can make the most of what you know and what you have to clean the slate and reveal the brand new you. It’s time for your wake-up calls!

#1. Realizing someone is making your sick
Everything in the body is connected. So while it’s easy to understand why a bruise appears where you knocked your arm against the table. But you need to be older in years to reach a better understanding of your health, especially when it comes to your mental health. The question “how do you feel” can leave a lot of people unsure. Ultimately, when life doesn’t give us the opportunity to stop and recharge our batteries, it can be tricky to understand your emotions. Your body is a holistic machine that reacts to a variety of factors. Your mental and emotional health can, therefore, create physical reactions, such as headaches, increased stress, etc. But when you’re still young and inexperienced, you may not see how a person’s behavior can create your illness. But now is the time to wave goodbye to those who cause you pain and emotional discomfort. Whether it’s the friend who takes you for granted or the partner who is never there when you need them, know that you have the strength to break free.

#2. Realizing that you can fight your genes
Your genes define how your body reacts to its environment. Indeed, you might have done everything you could to look after your skin, but your lifestyle choices and skincare products can only do so much. If you’ve got bad genes, you’re more likely to develop premature wrinkles, while your friend next door is older than you but her gene pool is kinder to her skin. Yes, it is frustrating! But accept the situation as it is. Your hard work is paying off – it always does –, but it’s not doing enough. Being in a position where you understand that you can’t fight biology means that you are more likely to find effective alternatives, such as considering botox for wrinkles or laser treatment to boost your skin. Ultimately, it’s important to realize that society is wrong. You don’t have to accept your body if it doesn’t work for you.

#3. Realizing that you don’t have to meet other people’s expectations
Young women are more likely to be influenced by their partners, when it comes to their beauty. Whether it’s about shaving your legs or wearing makeup, you need to ask yourself who you are doing it for. You may not have enough self-confidence as a 20-something to understand that your efforts are only designed to please someone else. But now, you can embrace your flaws, your bumps, your hair fully and consider the real beneficiary of your beauty routines. Something you do to be accepted by someone else is not worth doing anymore.

#4. Realizing your true calling
By now, you’ve probably built a successful career in your branch. But being successful in your job doesn’t mean that you are happy. Did you know that many adults haven’t yet found their passion? They pursue a career a provide financial stability but fails to give them the satisfaction and purpose they desire. If every day feels dull, the ideal career you built is not a good fit for you. Practising self-reflection can help you to identify areas that feel closer to your true self. Besides, you’ve got now sufficient knowledge and personal strength to figure out what print you want to leave in the world.

#5. Realizing that nothing is eternal
Finally, following the idea of finding your true passion, you need to act upon it. Dreaming of what life could be if this or that isn’t the answer. You can’t afford to wait. Finding your happy place requires starting today.

Life coaches tend to assume that 40 is the time to start again. What happens if you hear those wake-up calls earlier? The answer is simple. It’s never too early to embrace your true self, emotionally, professionally and physically.
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