Dealing With Your Body Image Hangups Once And For All

March 27, 2019

Most women hate at least one thing about their bodies. But an even staggering statistic would be that nearly all women hate their bodies in general. We can self-criticise every finer detail of our bodies from even the slightest blemish down to what we see as huge problems in our lives. What’s shocking is that the majority of the time what we see in the mirror is not what everyone else will see. Hating how we look can have a negative effect on our confidence and self-esteem, and it can make us extremely unhappy. But the one thing we never seem to grasp enough is that we are in control of our bodies and lives. If we are unhappy with something, then we have the power to do something about it. Be that change things or try new products. Maybe even learning to accept who we are and love ourselves. With all of this in mind, here are some of the common areas of the body that women hate, and some practical tips on how you can make a difference to the body image that you have about yourself.

Many women will tell you that they don’t like their breast area and there can be different reasons for this. They may feel that they are too small or too big. Perhaps lost firmness and lift due to having children. They may even be conscious that they are uneven in size. Which is a lot more common than you would believe. There are different things you can do to combat this. You can look into something like a breast augmentation or other cosmetic surgery options as a long term fix. However, there are other things to think about that can be less intrusive, such as considering exercise as certain weight training and toning exercises can help with the shape of your breasts. You could also consider the bra you wear. Sometimes women don’t wear the right size which can make them feel worse about the situation. Having a bra that fits correctly could be all you need to do. Whatever you consider doing know that there are options out there for you.

You guessed it. Many women have a problem with their noses. This is because it is right in the centre of your face and can have an effect on how your face shape looks and appears. Some women have bigger noses than others; we are all different after all. While sometimes a nose could have been broken causing it to appear misshapen. Of course, another option to fix this issue would be cosmetic surgery. But not everyone wants to go down that route. While there are not any magic potions to reduce the size of a nose, or increase it. You could consider the use of makeup techniques like contouring to help reduce the overall appearance. However, the best advice is to accept that the shape of your nose has a greater effect on your overall looks, it is what makes you unique and something to be proud of and embrace.

Our skin can be a real big problem for many of us. Especially if you suffer from acne or have spot prone skin. Sometimes it’s recommended to seek advice from a doctor. To determine whether you need any specific skincare products to help clear things up. Other times it may be as simple as changing what you use yourself or trying a new skincare routine. Your skin can be affected by the things you eat and drink. So if you feel it is becoming a problem try and increase the amount of water you drink and up your intake of fruit and vegetables. Having a healthier lifestyle could be all you need to clear up your skin and feel confident in it.

Tummy area
Finally, the tummy area can be a big issue for many women. There could be many reasons why you don’t feel confident in yourself. You may have had children, maybe you have gained a little weight due to stress or life getting in the way of a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the reason may be it’s something you can take action with. Sometimes just taking exercise and moving more along with a healthy balanced diet is all it needs to lose weight and tone up your body again. Diets can offer a quick result but can be difficult to maintain. So make sure you may a good choice and think about your overall lifestyle.

Let’s hope this has made you more comfortable with your body image.

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