Holistic Health: It's A Lifestyle Thing

March 6, 2019

You’ve heard the song that goes ‘the leg bone is connected to the toe bone’ and so and so on. Although this is a nice song to learn when you’re a child, for the most part this is actually true in it's meaning. Everything about our body is connected. That's what holistic health is all about as nothing can be totally isolated by itself. The whole body and mind must be cared for and improved. We must take on this approach in our workouts, our diet, our routines and attitude in life. It's something that takes a lot of hard work to achieve because it's the entirety of your being. However it's better to understand what this holistic approach is and how you could implement it in your life before you pass any judgement of its usefulness in your life.

It's also about people
The people who are in your life have an impact on your mental health and physical health too. In fact we must start to think of this as people who we allow into our lives instead of who is in our life. Wake up and realize that you choose to have someone in your life, and they are not owed their space with you. Some people who give you stress and perhaps don’t give you the respect you believe you are giving them, should not be treated as though they are needed in your life. It's in your best interest to live a life without such people who make your life worse off. Understand that those that do this sort of thing to you should be cut out from your life.

It's the environment too
Where you live shapes the way you think and your standards of living quality. For example if you live in a messy unclean part of the city, you’re more likely to add to it than not. Being in this sort of environment for too long, will eventually seep into your psyche and you could become a different person. Drinking culture has this exact same affect on us because the more we surround ourselves with people who also share this bad habit, then the less likely we are to dig ourselves out of the hole we created. Thankfully places that offer men's sober living approach the issue in a holistic fashion. The environment is refreshing, you’re surrounded by people who want to change their lives and their habits. The diet is a lot cleaner, and you have amenities such as hot tubs and heated swimming pools to relax in.

Explain your problems
Do you have someone close to talk to about your health concerns? Just talking through the issues you’re dealing with and the possible reasons for why, could help alleviate some pent up psychological burdens. Take your mental health very seriously because all the concerns start in your mind. If you’re unhealthy physically, putting your mind in the right frame is your first priority.

The entire health of a person is looked at under the holistic health approach. It's not just about losing weight, it's also about your environment and your emotional state.

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