Helping Someone Plan A Wedding Without Stressing Yourself

March 27, 2019

From time to time, someone we know will be preparing to get married. This can be an exciting and worrying time for all. Exciting in that the day will likely be a wonderful one, and signify the loving future of your relative or friend. Worrying in that… weddings can be pretty complex to plan. But if asked to help with the arrangements, accepting this privilege can be something you do out of love and care. It’s an honor to be asked this, so it’s no wonder why many people take it with both hands. After all, helping to pick out the most elegant wedding dresses or the best venues can be extremely exciting and gratifying! Of course, if you cannot find the time or simply do not wish to, you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing this. If that sounds like you, the following advice will hold little value.

 But if you are hoping to help someone plan a wedding, especially without stressing yourself, then it can be truly wonderful to do so. You never know just how much this might please them. Of course, you want to do the best job you can, so let us guide you through this both amazing and nervous time:

Take Care Of The Small Elements
It might not be that you can plan everything with them, but you might volunteer to take care of the smaller considerations. Of course, every consideration is significant and counts, but perhaps you might have some knowledge you can ‘flex’ in order to find the best option. For example, you might not have any idea what makes a great wedding dress, but you might have found a great resource for sourcing a wedding band such as those offered by the Alive Network It’s always best to make a contribution effectively rather than trying to help plan everything in some tiny manner.

Only Agree To That Which Is Appropriate For You
It might be that your friend wishes you to take care of the wedding rings and present them on the day. That might not seem like something you want to do, especially considering how you have children to look after on that day. It’s quite okay to decline responsibilities in order to focus on the ones you have been given, or vice versa, it’s quite okay to only wish to take care of one large element with the utmost reliability. This can help you avoid making a significant mistake, especially with something as important as this.

It’s important to stay in excellent communication with all forms of the wedding planning team. Ideally, the planning team should be relatively small, because the ‘too many cooks’ syndrome can establish itself in a big way here. You might encourage creating a group WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter chat for all of your planning acquaintances to speak to each other, to pin messages, and to ensure that two people through lack of planning end up doing the same thing, while lacking another essential responsibility.

With these tips, you’re sure to help someone plan a wedding without stressing yourself. We wish you the best of luck.
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