These Inter Décor Mistakes Are On The Hit-List Of Experts

March 26, 2019

These Inter Décor Mistakes Are On The Hit-List Of Experts

It’s a thrill to change the looks of your room with new accessories and remodeling. Precisely it can be called an experiment because there is room for error here too. Hasty decisions and lack of attention can be a hazard later on. Although ignored by people, some mistakes get the attention of experts and here we tell you about some of those minutes yet annoying mistakes.

1. Wrong Lampshade
This is an easy-to-do mistake and you can get an example almost everywhere. Lampshades are available in many varieties and materials. People often buy a too big shade for the lamp than the one which is fit and gives you an appropriate lighting effect. The bigger size of lampshade seem like an exaggerated work and also a careless one. So measure the lamp before buying and also check the fabric and transparency of the lampshade.

2. Hanging Art
Art-works can literally transform any wall into a picturesque destination. You can create your personal art gallery with impressive decoration and collection of memorable moments. It can be personal or it may be full of fantasy but, the major mistakes that people make while creating an art-works representation is they do not pay attention to the arrangement and set of paintings or pictures on the wall. Artworks such as framed paintings and family photos often come in various shape, size and differ in their potential placement location. And also you have to take into consideration the background and the after-effects of the décor. So one of the easiest and best answers to these problems is to make a paper diagram of frames and the wall and the setting beforehand. You can get paper cut-outs of those and place them on the wall to get a framework for your pictures to place.

3. Too much antique
Every person loves to cherish his prized possessions. And among them, antiques are the crown jewel. Maybe part of a collection or a memory of a happy past, antiques seem like inspiring a sense of classic décor in a today’s fast life. Everything goes fine until to realize that unknowingly you have accumulated a lot of antique and they, although unnecessary, are trying to squeeze into your interior décor just because you are hesitant to get rid of them. You should know that you cannot fit in all those things that your family gifted you 10 years ago and also it would be very annoying to keep all those things you bought from your trips to numerous places many years back. Furniture, artifacts, vases, books, framed photos, there are many such things that are making clutter by getting the least of your attention. The solution can be that you either store those you think are too much in a not-disturbing place or you can give them away to friends and family.

4. Decoration around TV
Yes, this is also a minor problem in interior décor. People often think that TV is the center of attraction around which you can put many other things to enhance the overall effect. But, you forget one thing that TV is meant to be the focus while someone is watching something on it. So your other hard-work around it will find less attention despite your many ideas and techniques. The showcases, vases, candle holders etc will just be an exaggeration. Keep the surrounding minimal in décor around the TV as it is more likely that you will watch the TV when it is on and not its embellishments and when it is off too many objects around the large black screen will look a bit cluttering. Solution to this is to keep the TV integrated into a proper setting. Example- keep two floral painted flower vase on two sides of the TV table where the background wall will have a fainted shade on it.

5. No houseplants
Houseplants bring a sense of purity to the indoor décor. A congested space can be transformed with a better look with the use of houseplants like silk flower arrangements and faux palm trees. The interior can feel a little stuffy without any kind of houseplants. Houseplants fit in almost every possible décor theme. And you can also go for artificial plants like artificial palm trees or silk orchids. Find a nice and usable space inside your house and add some natural touch.

6. Unsettling fabrics and textiles
It can be a fault of the newest trends. People tend to misunderstand the modern mixture of various colors and textiles to create a beautiful setting. You have to acknowledge the importance of rugs and curtains if you want a marvelous outlook. Don’t just paint or buy wall panels without even thinking about the fabrics that you are going to use to complement the theme. Remember that curtains, pillow covers, sofa rugs are the most visible segment of a room. If you choose them wrong or if you place them randomly, don’t think that you can make a new kind of design by yourself. Many-a-times this mindset makes you do a lot of weird things. You can’t put a black and white rug under a seating area with a red leather sofa and a redwood table in between. The bright and vigorous color of curtains will look very unfriendly in a vintage theme. So keeping your budget and room setting in mind, first go for fabric selection.

7. Unorganized wires
One of the modern day problems. You will find unlimited wire inside your house, maybe of TV or lights arrangements or computers. Keeping them entangled won’t help you. It’s just extra clutter, but you can’t throw them away. So it’s better to keep them organized. Put the extra length of the wire in the drawer of TV table, tie the computer wires with a rubber band and hide them in a cord cover. If you have unused wire, keep them at a place where it will be difficult for them to disturb the interior peace.

There are many more of those common mistakes. You just have to imagine and pay attention to find those faults. As you know ignoring never helps. So get aboard this correction ship.

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