4 Ways To Teach Children Responsibility

March 7, 2019

As parents, it is our job to teach our kids morals, values, and responsibility from day one. We do this not only because we want for our children to be good for us, but we also do this so that they grow up to become successful adults. Successful adults that add value to the community, I might add.

Taking responsibility for your actions is not something that everyone wants to do and it is also something that is not natural. We do not immediately want to (or know to) take responsibility for our actions when we are born. If fact, it is the complete opposite. If we are not taught this, most of us would deflect and try to blame our actions on other things or people. You see this will children all the time. Something goes wrong and they blame everything around them, except for themselves.

Adults have this issue, as well. Let me give you an issue that someone I know ran into. She was not great with her money and ended up being in a very tough situation where she could not even afford basic life necessities. Instead of admitting fault, taking responsibility for her mistakes (and actions), she instead blamed everything else. She would say things such as, “Oh, my business wasn’t doing great because of the location, or the cold weather,” or “If ____ would have pulled her weight, we could have made a lot more.”

The issue with not taking responsibility for your actions with situations like this is the fact that to remedy the issue and move forward successfully, you need to know what you did wrong so that you do not repeat those steps again. This is just one example of why it is so very important to teach your children responsibility and here is a few ways that you can start out:

You might be wondering what social responsibility is and trust me, it is a thing! You have the responsibility to form a good community around you, foster those relationships, and make sure your social needs are met. Let’s talk about two phrases that you have probably heard before: “You are who you surround yourself with,” and “It takes two to tango.” You are who you surround yourself is so true. It is your responsibility as a child (of course, starting when you know better) and as an adult to create relationships that are good for you. This means healthy relationships with adults who have hopes and dreams - not relationships with people who end up in bad places and do bad things. The second responsibility you have in relationships is to add to the relationship. It truly does take two to tango and if you are not meeting your friends in the middle and showing them that you value your friendship, you will end up losing them because nobody wants to constantly do all of the work. These are pretty easy responsibilities to teach from an early age, especially when they start getting to the age where they are choosing their own friends and it is very important.

The most important type of responsibility that you could possibly teach your children is financial responsibility. This will truly make or break their lives in the future because if someone does not know how to properly budget, be smart with their spending, and know the ins and outs of loans, credit, and even investing, they will never really thrive financially and when you are living from paycheck to paycheck, you can never truly enjoy life and relax fully. A great way for you to teach your children about loans would be to get an asset loan from Chapes-JPL. This is a safe way to show them because Chapes-JPL loans strictly on collateral. Chapes-JPL is local to Atlanta, Georgia with their office in Buckhead. They have one simple goal: to provide affordable asset loans on jewelry, gold, diamonds, watches, and other valuable assets, at low rates and at fair value. This is completely different from traditional pawn shops where you have extremely high interest rates. Chapes-JPL has been in the business for over 38 years, so they know what their clients need and they make it happen by offering low interest rates, conducting business by appointment only in private, upscale offices, and by making each individual customer feel comfortable and safe.

The reason why I recommend using Chapes-JPL for loans to show your kids how loans work is because you are getting a loan through an item that you either don’t use anymore (such as old jewelry, or other valuables), or on items that your kids will want back (maybe a special piece of jewelry, or even their valuable car if you need to take drastic measures), so there is little risk involved. Once you pay off your loan in full, you can get your item back and hopefully, your children have learned more about loans and how they work! 

Personal responsibilities are one of the most important to teach. There are many personal responsibilities to teach, ranging from hygiene responsibilities to emotional responsibilities and even how we react to situations. For example, Success says that one of the most important steps to personal responsibility is our attitude. They say, “How are you meeting life? Are you meeting life energized, alive and buoyant, excited, enthusiastic and positive? Like you can’t wait for the next moment to unfold? Or do you think, Well, here we go again.

Watch people when they walk down the street. They’re grumbling. It’s as if they’re emanating nasty, dark, bad energy in the world. And why? Because they chose to. They chose to have a bad attitude for so long that it became part of their personality. Their attitude fixed. It’s closed. It’s angry, upset or bordering on the negative emotional qualities of life, rather than realizing the incredible magic and experience that we all have available to us, each and every single moment of the day.

There is a lot of magic around here. When your attitude is open, you’re allowing yourself to learn. When your attitude is open, you’re allowing yourself to connect to other people. When your attitude is open, finding happiness isn’t something you do; it’s something you create. You choose the attitude of happiness. You don’t have happiness; you generate it. You don’t have good energy today; you generate it.

Everything we’ve learned in psychology over the years is that you can literally change your attitude just by controlling your thoughts and directing them in a new, positive, healthy, social way. Why not do that? You deserve to have a good attitude. It’s a choice, so choose to have a good attitude.”

Last but not least, you need to teach about responsibilities in the workplace. A good way to start this off with children is by teaching them that school is work (at least until they can have a job). You can also give them chores around the task where they can complete them for some sort compensation. As a functioning, successful adult, you have the ability to keep a job and thrive in it, or you have the ability to not show your best side, which will definitely result in termination. To thrive in a career, YOU have to put forth the effort and show your boss that you are worth it, but this is not something that comes naturally, so we need to be taught this as a child.

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